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Benefits of Pubic Hair

should you shave your pubes girls
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The Danger Shave Pubic Hair until Really Clean - Growth of pubic fur is a signal or sign which shows have been the arrival of maturity (adult) in a male or female. This is due to hormonal changes and progression towards the teen transition to adulthood. The presence of hair or feathers that grow around the pubic, isn't really an issue because it is a natural nature experienced by everyone.

However, sometimes for some people (especially women) presence of feathers around the penis makes them uncomfortable. So there are some women who are trying to remove privates hair with a way to shave or to treat it are gone, so it could not grow anymore.

Isn't really should not shave the pubic fur or clean, let alone in the religion of Islam, the Prophet advise us to always keep clean themselves, one of her pubic shear is regularly.

But remove it permanently is actually not recommended, why? Because of the presence of fur or hair around the pubic turns out to have a lot of benefits to our health. As with any hair that has many benefits for our body, then similarly feathers growing around our pubes.

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 Benefits of Pubic Hair
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Benefits of Pubic Hair

As for some benefit or a function of the growth of the surrounding pubic hairs we include

1. Provide warmth
2. As a sign of sexual maturity
3. Reduce friction when sex
4. Patron of the locality in the region where the growth of pubic hair is because the area is sensitive enough (especially the vagina)
5. collection of expenditure pheromones (chemicals that regulate the behaviour of sex)

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 should you shave your pubes guys
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The Purpose of Pubic Hairs

Although the layout of pubic hair can be said to be hidden (private area) does not mean the hair in the pubic area off of attention as we take care of hair in other areas such as the head of hair or armpit hairs. cleanliness and tidiness pubic hair should be maintained as best as possible see function of pubic hair. Of course in a way that routine and not indiscriminate.

There are some things that must be considered in the care of fur or hair on the pubic;

1.  Iritation from Small Cuts

It is not advisable to revoke or shaving in a way that is not appropriate on a pubic hair shaving or plucking because with pubic hair can cause iritation.

These small cuts will be the entrance to a germ or fungus (especially in women are easy to experience moist vagina) who later could cause infection in the skin of Your intimate areas.

2.  To Dense Pubic Fur

Pubic Fur that is too dense (never made) can also be a place of growing lice, bacteria or germs, and mold that ultimately give rise to a variety of diseases. Tidying up here means simply shortened course.

For example, shortened by about half a centimetre by using scissors, or if you want to shave can use foam SOAP beforehand, as well as using special Shaver gently before it's been washed with SOAP and doused with hot water.

After use, the obligatory Shaver is washed again and stored in a clean and dry place. Don't be stored in humid places, as it can be overgrown by fungi and bacteria. In addition, do not employ the use of razors in turn.

3. Health of Fur

Health of fur or hair in genital (fur pubis) is also very depending on the health condition of the skin. If complaints arise out of pain, itching, burning, redness, scales, swollen bumps/blackheads, or surrounding skin change means skin health conditions are not good.

This would be on condition of feather pubis. It's best if such things occurred immediately consult a skin specialist physician for further handling.

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From the explanation above we can deduce that, feathers growing around our bodies, it turns out not to have function and benefits, because God has set for what the function of each feather or hair on our bodies. Similarly with the hair the other, surely not have no function and benefits.

Hair can serve as the Crown or for the beauty of the body, in addition it also has functions for health too. Then, what about the hair that grows on the body parts that are hidden or private? Is it also has special functions?

If you notice your body, then in every place ' Gristle ' and need to be protected will be overgrown hair/fur. For example, the head, which needs to be maintained so that no bump, break, and is very prone at the forelock. So while still an infant, thickest hair in that section. benefits of shaving pubic hair woman

Later on around the eyes also overgrown hair, at the top there eyelashes so that dust, liquids, or foreign matter is not easily stopped into eyes.

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Alcohol Diet? Yeah, These are The Benefits of Alcohol Diet

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Alcohol Diet? Yeah, These are The Benefits of Alcohol Diet - Although often considered bad for the body, alcohol had benefits for weight loss diet.

Maybe some of the dieters will abandon alcohol during the period of weight reduction. Because, some people consider if the alcoholic beverage is one cause of the culprit who is going to make a potbelly. However, it appears that you have to remove the perception that far.

Benefits and Effect of Alcohol for Diet

effects of alcohol on skin and aging
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Diet considered healthy but turned out Bad for the skin

Which alcoholic drink is good for skin, research shows that one or two glasses of wine or any other type of alcohol can increase the effort of weight loss when dieting.

Before you begin Downing drinks, remember that moderation is the key. You can also mix alcohol with fresh juice. Here are some of the benefits of alcohol in your process diet.

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Slowing the growth of fat cells.

Many types of alcohol contain ellagic acid, a natural antioxidant that slows the growth of fat cells and prevent the growth of new fat cells.

Basically, alcohol helps the body to burn fat better, and also prevent conditions such as disease obesity. The contents of ellagic acid are very abundant in red wine, brandy and whiskey.

Alcohol Effect For Body
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Increase calorie burning.

When the alcohol passes through the blood stream, it will increase the heart rate, which in turn ignites the metabolism.

This effect lasts for about one hour after the last SIP of alcohol. Even longer if you drink microbrewed beer. This beer contains flavonoids that can increase muscle mass, because muscle burns more calories than fat.

Increase the body temperature.

Maybe you'll feel a little warm after the first SIP. This is because alcohol increases body temperature who drink it. While the downside is you may be sweating more thereafter.

The temperature of the heat in the body will facilitate you in burning calories.

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Prevent diabetes.

Research shows that ethanol contained in alcohol, increasing the body's response to insulin. Insulin is a hormone that regulates blood sugar and prevent the glucose disrupts fat cells in the body.

A study by the Harvard School of Public Health found that drinking one or two glasses per day can reduce the risk of diabetes of 36 percent. Diet success, diabetes any time away from your life.

 alcoholic face before and after
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Your body will adjust if you drink don't overdo it.

A study found that women who drank one to two glasses of alcohol per day tend to be weight control than those who did not drink.

Benefits of alcohol for health, another study found that people who drink a small amount every day have an ideal body weight, while those who drink rarely have weight gain. So, binge drinking on weekends is probably not a good idea, but one or two glasses each day can make your waist slimmer.

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Benefits Of Soursop Leaf To Human Health

Benefits Of Soursop Leaf To Human Health
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Benefits Of Soursop Leaf To Human Health - Soursop leaf does have many benefits. Many people are already feeling the benefits of soursop leaves for health. The main advantages of soursop leaves is to have no side effects because it is a natural ingredient. You also can easily find the soursop tree because soursop leaves can easily grow in areas of Indonesia.

Nowadays many people are beginning to be aware of the benefits of soursop leaves. It is evidenced by the large number of herbal products made from soursop leaves. On the explanation below will mention some of the benefits of soursop leaf to Your body's health.

Benefits Of Soursop Leaves For Health

Benefits of soursop leaves for health is to make the body become healthier and stronger. In soursop leaves there are an awful lot of substance that could make the body become more optimal. One of the substances contained in soursop leaves are antioxidants.benefits of soursop-leaves-for-health

With the presence of antioxidants in the leaves will make smoother body metabolism. Soursop leaves you can consume either directly or made into a drink. A lot of people who prefer to make a drink from on soursop leaf to consume directly because of the soursop leaves uncomfortable to the mouth.

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Prevent and Cure Cancer

Benefits of soursop leaf to the health of others is to treat and prevent cancer. Nowadays a lot of people affected by cancer. In soursop leaves there are antioxidants that can kill cancer cells.

Cancer cells also will not be able to develop if You want to consume a soursop leaves. Many cancer drugs on the market made from soursop leaves. Generally a drug circulating in the market made in the form of capsules and liquid that you also easy toconsume it.

Prevent and Cure Tumor

In addition, the benefits of soursop leaves can also be to cure the tumor. The tumoris a disease which is very dangerous if not addressed. Many people use a soursop leaf to treat tumors. That's because if someone consumes a soursop leaves will makethe tumor cells become dead.

Soursop leaves to cure tumor
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For those of you who have not been exposed to the tumor by consuming soursop leaves also can make you escape from this disease. If you want to make a medicinal herb of the tumor with soursop leaves then you simply boil some pieces and soursop and drinking the decoction of leaves of the routine every day.

So you can feel the benefits of soursop leaf to the maximum, then you should do sport regularly. With regular exercise will make Your body metabolism into more smoothly and there will be no disease that comes along.

You should also make sure the herb soursop leaves you create using a quality soursop leaves and clean. For those of you who don't want to bother making a concoction of soursop leaves better buy soursop leaf herbal products in the market. Hopefully the information regarding the benefits of soursop leaves for health is useful to you

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Lifehack with Baby oil, wanna try?

Benefits of Baby Oil for Human Life
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Baby oil or baby specialty oils are now not only the same Young mothers only. We were also a lot of young people who took him. There is a remover for face, or to simply moisturize the skin only.

Benefits of Baby Oil for Human Life

In addition to functioning as a fluid that keeps baby's skin moisture and at the same time to massage, there are 13 benefits that will make you gawk and want to immediately take advantage of these things around you.

1. Make-up remover that is friendly to the skin of adults is baby oil. Can cleanses and moisturizes your skin!

For women, make-up remover existence would never be replaced and there is always a box of your equipment. Eliminating the remnants of makeup stuck in your face all day is a must to get a healthy skin. Necessary capital also somewhat more expensive to get a bottle of this herb.

Girls, now you can change the make-up removal-mu with baby oil, you know. No other is to eliminate the remnants of makeup all over your face. Not only that you can clean, damp face and smooth can you feel. Moreover, the money you spend to buy baby oil became more affordable and more save your expense, you know!

2. Baby oil can replace the shaving cream. This oil will moisturize and relieve irritation in the shaving area.

Most people probably can not live without shaving. Activity remove the hair and the hair that grows around the hair has become a regular activity for some people. Armpit hair, mustache, beard, even the long legs that had excess can be lost in a short time with a razor and shaving cream.

If shaving cream again depleted, how? Can not shave dong?

Relax, you do not need to worry. Without shaving cream, your shave can continue anyway. Disposable baby oil! You just have to rub baby oil such as when using shaving cream. Then just cleaned with a razor. Would you feel when you're done shaving is much more subtle and reduce the risk of irritation. Well, you can try shaving!

3. Treat your heels by rubbing baby oil all over the feet, then cover with socks.

Overuse of high-heeled shoes make your feet feel tired indeed. Or too often walk with footwear that open make your heels into the dry. It often makes you nervous, especially women who make an appearance as his main concern.

You can rejuvenate your feet before going to bed at night with a mixture of baby oil contained in this. The trick is as easy as you rub baby oil in the heel area and your fingers. Then wear socks. The next morning, more sensation will be felt fresh and moist feet. No need to worry about the smell, because the baby oil itself has a fragrant aroma, guys.

Benefits of Baby Oil to Shoo Naughty Mosquitoes
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4. Benefits of Baby Oil to Shoo Naughty Mosquitoes!

Rub baby oil on the open area makes mosquitoes unwilling to bite you.
Mosquitoes are not indiscriminate when looking for stocks that will be sucked blood. Anyone definitely been a victim of this insect bites. Moreover, it would leave scars red spots.

You can say goodbye to rogue mosquitoes around you. Preventing mosquito bites that simple rubbing parts of your body that are exposed to this baby oil. Mosquitoes will be averse to bite your skin that has been smeared with this oil. Free mosquito, the skin feels so smooth! In addition to mosquitoes, other insects will also be reluctant to bite you, guys!

5. Baby oil can you use as a new breakthrough to remove stains paint on the hands and feet.

For you who like have some creation with items where needed paint on it, would've really made bete same usual stains of paint. Sometimes, your hands and feet will be filled with paint colors like a rainbow. Sometimes, many who use gasoline or paint thinner to remove stains.

Eiiits, mending you stop using a liquid that contains many chemicals that are not enabled for this skin. Mending your baby oil just as his successor. More friendly to the skin, muted scent will make you feel at home rubbing paint that meets your body.

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6. Pain when removing the plaster will be reduced with a few drops of baby oil

Plaster has many functions indeed. To accelerate wound healing, wound covering of dust, or even to show off. Hehehehe. But, there will be a dilemma that appears when going to remove the tape from the surface of our skin. Because it would hurt and sore when you have to hold the feathers plucked by force.

Now, you do not have to feel this pain, guys, because kehadihan baby oil will help. Before removing the plaster, give a little baby oil all over the area plastered plaster. You can use a cotton bud to flatten in the area or by anointing him directly. Wait a moment, and then remove the plaster. The pain you feel during this time not going to be a bogey again for you!

7. Chewing gum stuck in your hair, even on the carpet, it can be treated by rubbing baby oil.

As a child, may you ever be the victim of prank friends. One way is to put a sticky gum in your hair. Bete and fear is a feeling that is bothering you. Bete because why should your hair be targeted, and fear that chewing gum can not be lost. You must also be forced to cut hair.

Relax, you do not need to rush to the salon for a haircut. Baby oil can you trust! Pour in the palm of the hand, then gently press in the gum was lodged. Chewing gum was slowly can you tame. When chewing gum stuck to the carpet, baby oil can also give you a way out, guys! Wah, helpful really yes!

8. Not only for the body, a little rubbing baby oil so wooden furniture and iron furniture re-glazed.

Cleaning the furniture did have a routine you do to keep the room clean and eye-catching. Use water and cleaning fluid may be items that you often make the mainstays. However, items that can not give a shiny effect.

So, what do you need to make furniture, mainly made of wood, can be glazed? Baby oil is the answer for all questions. You only need to add a few drops of baby oil on your lap. Cling, sparkling in no time!

For stainless steel furniture, you can also create glazed with baby oil! For example, the sink. Create a clean and shiny with a mix of dishwashing liquid with baby oil. Guaranteed satisfied with the effect of gloss given.

Take off The ring with baby oil
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9. Remove the sticker along with the remains will not make you cranky. All can be solved with baby oil!

Human feeling is not predictable. Today desire to want to put stickers, tomorrow also can suddenly change for take off the sticker. And for took stickers that go easy. You will be made uncomfortable by the glue that has been inherent in the goods.

Remove feel uncomfortable it away when removing the stickers, as with baby oil will provide easy! By rubbing the oil around the sticker, in a heartbeat will be detached completely without sensation stuck as usual.

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10. jammed zipper

As long as there is supply of baby oil, this annoying occurrence can be overcome.
Zipper jammed moments are things that do not want a lot of people. But, many people who feel the zipper jammed at the time not right. Especially if it turns out that jam is the zipper on the pants, which will surely make panic.

Quiet guys, when the zipper stuck, you do not need to worry and panic as long as there is supply of baby oil in your room. You just need to shed a little oil in the area of this magical jammed. Then, you use the zipper as usual slowly. Taraaa! This problem can be resolved.

11. No need excited when the removable hard ring.

Squirt a little baby oil and a little encouragement, your ruing will come off easily.

Wearing the ring would indeed adorn the fingers. But not forever ring will make you comfortable. There will be time for you want remove the ring. But, if it turns out your ring can not be separated after trying to pull it mightily fingers how? You just need to massage the finger and the ring after smeared baby oil. Slowly, your ring will be off by itself!

12. The hinge your door which reads kriek kriek, will be made dumb with little droplets of oil this miracle baby.

Almost every door has hinges, which did have absolute functionality for ease when open. You guys do not ever really feel uncomfortable with the noise "kriek kriek" that makes an earache? Do not be nervous, because it can you finish with just a few drops of baby oil. How, you live baby oil dripping on the sidelines of the hinges. The sound is annoying it will not appear again, guys!

13. The results of the pencil trick beautify your color will be enhanced with baby oil.

A unique gradation will make you satisfied.


To you who are fondness hobby coloring in coloring book, there is an innovation ya that will make the results more unique and lively look. If you use colored pencils as a tool colouring, the results of which you create will look more cool.

Gradation will be alive when you add a touch of baby oil in your paper. By dripping a little over a cotton bud, you could be putting on it. Besides more memorable, your stress instantly disappear see satisfactory results.

After reading some of the other uses of baby oil that had not you know where

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Benefits of Mango Leaves For Human Health

Benefits of Mango Leaves
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Benefits of Mango Leaves For Human Health - Do you like fresh mango? ... I'm sure a lot of people like tropical fruit on this one. Besides tasty, mango fruit is also rich in many health benefits because it contains nutrients. However, if leaf mango how?

Behind the rough texture, it is equally mango leaves with fruit. It also contains vitamins and medicinal. Are you also aware of the great benefits of this? If not, then this time you've been in the right place which gives a lot of important information, and you will soon see.

Mango leaves are rich in medicinal and healing properties. And if you do not know, then you will lose a lot of things in life!

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Mango leaf content:

Young mango leaves reddish or purplish and still feels tender, then will change color to dark green with white bottom when it is old.

Leaves fruit is rich in vitamin C, vitamin B and vitamin A. It is also rich in various nutrients. Mango leaves also have strong antioxidant properties because it contains high flavonoid and phenol.

Benefits of Mango Leaves

1. Treating diabetes:

Tender leaves of the mango tree contains a substance called tannin or anthocyanidins, which are useful to help treat the early symptoms of diabetes. Dry mango leaves or already in powder form is used as an infusion for the treatment of this. Mango leaves are made as tea is also very good for this purpose. The trick soak mango leaves into a cup of water overnight.

Then Strain and drink the next day to help relieve the symptoms of diabetes. Can help treat high blood sugar or hyperglycemia, because the leaves of this tropical fruit contains a compound called tarakserol - 3beta, and ethyl acetate in synergy with insulin to activate GLUT4 and stimulates the synthesis of glycogen.

2. Lowering blood pressure:

Mango leaves can help to lower blood pressure, because it has properties hypotension or lower blood pressure. It also may help strengthen blood vessels and relieve varicose veins. See also: The advantages and benefits of organic food for health

3. Eliminate the uneasy feeling:

For people who are always agitated by anxiety, mango leaves can be a good home remedy. Add 2 to 3 cups of mango leaf tea into the bath water to help treat anxiety and refresh the body.

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4. Break down gallstones and kidney stones:

Mango leaves help treatment of kidney stones and gallstones. Take the powder of mango leaves are dried in the shade, then milled until smooth, add into a glass of water, and store overnight. This will help break the stone and remove it.

Benefits of Mango Leaves for respiratory problem
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5. Troubleshooting Respiratory:

Leaves of mango very good for all kinds of respiratory problems. It is especially useful for people suffering from fever, bronchitis, and asthma. Boil the mango leaves in water and drink it with a little honey can help heal cough effectively. It also helps to heal husky or lost voice.

6. Cure Dysentery:

Leaves of mango can help treat bleeding due to dysentery. Dried mango leaves dry in the shade, create a fine powder, then taken with water two to three times a day to stop dysentery.

7. Pain Ear:

Using mango leaves as a natural remedy for ear pain can provide relief. One teaspoon of juice of mango leaves are used as ear drops can help relieve earache. Warm a little before use.

8. Healing Burns:

To heal skin burns, burn handful of mango leaves to ashes. Apply this ash on areas that suffered burns. It would be very helpful.

9. Stop Hiccups And Throat Problems:

If you are suffering from hiccups or other throat problems, mango leaves is a good natural medicine. Grilled mango leaves and inhaled a little smoke. This helps to cure hiccups and throat problems.

10. stomach Rinsing:

Add some mango leaves into warm water, then cover tightly and leave overnight. In the morning, strain the water and drink when stomach is empty. The regular intake will work as a good tonic for the stomach and helps prevent various stomach ailments.

Although the seasonal mango fruit, but leaves all year and easily available anywhere, so you do not need to obtain it at any time.

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Benefits of Having sex while menstruation

Benefits of Having sex while menstruation
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Benefits of Having sex while menstruation - Sexual intercourse when a woman is menstruating reap the pros and cons. According to certain trust in society, sexual intercourse when a woman is menstruating is prohibited. However there are certain circles who did and did not think so.

So, how explanations of medical terms about sex is done when a woman is menstruating?

Facts have sex during menstruation

Explanation of Benefits Having Sex while Menstruation from Medical Aspects

If viewed from the medical side, having sex during menstruation has several benefits.

Relieve pain from premenstrual syndrome (PMS) and menstrual. During intercourse, orgasm can relieve pain like cramps. In addition, the orgasm can also release endorphins. Endorphins are hormones that can make a person feel happy so they can relieve depression or bad mood.

Having sex during menstruation also can give more satisfaction. The reason is due to the hormonal changes in women who are menstruating so as to make them feel more passionate.

Risk of Having Sex While menstruation

However, there is also a risk that will be experienced when having sex when you are menstruating.

You are exposed to higher risk of contracting infections or diseases than to have sex outside the menstrual period. During menstruation, the condition of the cervix opens thus allowing blood to enter into it. It is easier for bacteria to get to the pelvic cavity.

You are also more likely to transmit HIV and hepatitis to couples when conditions such as more body fluid / blood.

During menstruation, levels of potential Hydrogen (pH) of your vagina is lower, then the acidity level was reduced. The condition is more likely to fungal or bacterial infection.

The risk for pregnant, though small, still be there when you have sex without a safety or contraceptive during menstruation. To avoid pregnancy, use a condom when having sex.

In Variation Sex Tips
Image From: cdn.momactivity.com

In Variation Sex Tips

For those of you who want to try to have sex during menstruation, you should note the following.
Do not do it when the menstrual blood is flowing with a swift like the first day or two, in order to maintain the cleanliness of your bed of blood. You also can anticipate to put a pedestal like a towel.

Making love under a shower of water could also be an option. But the risk is the blood will be spilled in your body and your partner. When you want to have sex during menstruation, make sure the couple does not feel disgusted with the blood in order to make the event was not disrupted.

But once again we must remember, sexual intercourse when she was menstruating could pose its own risks, especially if not done safely.

For those of you who want to channel the desire, but do not want to have sexual relations involving penetration, there are other alternatives that you can try.

Sensual massages.

You do not need to be adept at massaging as a masseur in general. Massage here is intended to tease the couple and raise libido. Massage gently with the body parts of your partner is sensitive, especially the thighs and buttocks.

The shared bath could also be an option. You can rub her entire body with soap and washed her hair, massaging her scalp. Vice versa, the couple can also do the same to you.

Sex is important in domestic affairs. However, do not make it as a burden. If you feel uncomfortable doing sex during menstruation, tell your partner. Fostering the marital relationship does not have to deal with matters of the bed. Many other things can you and your partner to create a romantic atmosphere.

On the other hand, if you and your partner feel comfortable doing it, then do it with love.

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Benefits of Jackfruit for Healthy Body

Benefits of Jackfruit for Healthy Body
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Benefits of Jackfruit for Healthy Body - Health is one important factor for our lives. Without good health, we will be hard to do activities. To be able to enjoy health, we must undergo a healthy diet. For example, such as eating fruits. One of the fruits that nourish namely jackfruit.

Jackfruit is one of the fruits that have been popular in the tongue of fans. He has a thick flesh. The color is yellow when ripe. When we eat, he will issue a sweet taste. The water content in it also refreshes the body.

Health Benefits of Jackfruit

Fruit Jackfruit by the Java commonly called the nangka or gori. The origins of this fruit is believed to come from the south Indian state. Then developed tillspread archipelago.

Heart Disease

The content of the jackfruit also fairly decent. Ranging from vitamin A, vitamin C, potassium, calcium, riboflavin, niacin, iron, thiamin, to zinc. Jackfruit in fiber and low in calories. So the fruit is suitable for heart patients.


Jackfruit helpful containing iron for healthy blood. So we will be free from disease anemia. In addition, the blood circulation in the body will also increase.

Human Body Metabolism

Micro minerals and copper in the jackfruit is also useful for making thyroid metabolism work to be effective. Both of these contents makes the thyroid to become healthy and make the process of hormone production and absorption become better.

Benefits of Jackfruit to lowering High blood pressure
Image From: edc2.healthtap.com

High Blood Pressure

Inside this fruit also contains potassium. Potassium works to reduce the risk of heart disease effective and can lower blood pressure.


For those who suffer from asthma can also be treated with this jackfruit. The trick is enough to boil the fruit. Benefits jackfruit for asthma is very good, that is why consumes jackfruit good way to treat asthma. In addition, he is also believed to have efficacy to heal ulcers in the head and overcome digestive disorders. High fiber content makes it able to prevent constipation and facilitate bowel movement.

Simple Sugar

Jackfruit is also known to have a sugar content with the type of fructose and sucrose. Both types have the benefit of simple sugar as an energy source. In addition, jackfruit good that has no saturated fat content.

Eye and Skin

In addition to the sugar content, it also has vitamin A and vitamin C. Both of these vitamins are useful for healthy eyes and skin. Thus making more healthy eyes and skin on the lips is not frequent canker sores. Besides anti-oxidants that are also believed to strengthen the immune system with protection from bacterial and viral infections.


Jackfruit is also good for bone health. It can also protect us from disease osteoporosis. Therefore, children are very good if consuming this fruit.

Not only that are the benefit of jack fruit, the other benefits  such as the fight against cancer cells. This is because it contains phyto-nutrients and vitamin C. It works against the dangers of cancer cells and also against premature aging and prevent degenerative diseases.