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Benefits of Mango Leaves For Human Health

Benefits of Mango Leaves
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Benefits of Mango Leaves For Human Health - Do you like fresh mango? ... I'm sure a lot of people like tropical fruit on this one. Besides tasty, mango fruit is also rich in many health benefits because it contains nutrients. However, if leaf mango how?

Behind the rough texture, it is equally mango leaves with fruit. It also contains vitamins and medicinal. Are you also aware of the great benefits of this? If not, then this time you've been in the right place which gives a lot of important information, and you will soon see.

Mango leaves are rich in medicinal and healing properties. And if you do not know, then you will lose a lot of things in life!

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Mango leaf content:

Young mango leaves reddish or purplish and still feels tender, then will change color to dark green with white bottom when it is old.

Leaves fruit is rich in vitamin C, vitamin B and vitamin A. It is also rich in various nutrients. Mango leaves also have strong antioxidant properties because it contains high flavonoid and phenol.

Benefits of Mango Leaves

1. Treating diabetes:

Tender leaves of the mango tree contains a substance called tannin or anthocyanidins, which are useful to help treat the early symptoms of diabetes. Dry mango leaves or already in powder form is used as an infusion for the treatment of this. Mango leaves are made as tea is also very good for this purpose. The trick soak mango leaves into a cup of water overnight.

Then Strain and drink the next day to help relieve the symptoms of diabetes. Can help treat high blood sugar or hyperglycemia, because the leaves of this tropical fruit contains a compound called tarakserol - 3beta, and ethyl acetate in synergy with insulin to activate GLUT4 and stimulates the synthesis of glycogen.

2. Lowering blood pressure:

Mango leaves can help to lower blood pressure, because it has properties hypotension or lower blood pressure. It also may help strengthen blood vessels and relieve varicose veins. See also: The advantages and benefits of organic food for health

3. Eliminate the uneasy feeling:

For people who are always agitated by anxiety, mango leaves can be a good home remedy. Add 2 to 3 cups of mango leaf tea into the bath water to help treat anxiety and refresh the body.

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4. Break down gallstones and kidney stones:

Mango leaves help treatment of kidney stones and gallstones. Take the powder of mango leaves are dried in the shade, then milled until smooth, add into a glass of water, and store overnight. This will help break the stone and remove it.

Benefits of Mango Leaves for respiratory problem
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5. Troubleshooting Respiratory:

Leaves of mango very good for all kinds of respiratory problems. It is especially useful for people suffering from fever, bronchitis, and asthma. Boil the mango leaves in water and drink it with a little honey can help heal cough effectively. It also helps to heal husky or lost voice.

6. Cure Dysentery:

Leaves of mango can help treat bleeding due to dysentery. Dried mango leaves dry in the shade, create a fine powder, then taken with water two to three times a day to stop dysentery.

7. Pain Ear:

Using mango leaves as a natural remedy for ear pain can provide relief. One teaspoon of juice of mango leaves are used as ear drops can help relieve earache. Warm a little before use.

8. Healing Burns:

To heal skin burns, burn handful of mango leaves to ashes. Apply this ash on areas that suffered burns. It would be very helpful.

9. Stop Hiccups And Throat Problems:

If you are suffering from hiccups or other throat problems, mango leaves is a good natural medicine. Grilled mango leaves and inhaled a little smoke. This helps to cure hiccups and throat problems.

10. stomach Rinsing:

Add some mango leaves into warm water, then cover tightly and leave overnight. In the morning, strain the water and drink when stomach is empty. The regular intake will work as a good tonic for the stomach and helps prevent various stomach ailments.

Although the seasonal mango fruit, but leaves all year and easily available anywhere, so you do not need to obtain it at any time.