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Benefits of Pubic Hair

should you shave your pubes girls
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The Danger Shave Pubic Hair until Really Clean - Growth of pubic fur is a signal or sign which shows have been the arrival of maturity (adult) in a male or female. This is due to hormonal changes and progression towards the teen transition to adulthood. The presence of hair or feathers that grow around the pubic, isn't really an issue because it is a natural nature experienced by everyone.

However, sometimes for some people (especially women) presence of feathers around the penis makes them uncomfortable. So there are some women who are trying to remove privates hair with a way to shave or to treat it are gone, so it could not grow anymore.

Isn't really should not shave the pubic fur or clean, let alone in the religion of Islam, the Prophet advise us to always keep clean themselves, one of her pubic shear is regularly.

But remove it permanently is actually not recommended, why? Because of the presence of fur or hair around the pubic turns out to have a lot of benefits to our health. As with any hair that has many benefits for our body, then similarly feathers growing around our pubes.

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 Benefits of Pubic Hair
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Benefits of Pubic Hair

As for some benefit or a function of the growth of the surrounding pubic hairs we include

1. Provide warmth
2. As a sign of sexual maturity
3. Reduce friction when sex
4. Patron of the locality in the region where the growth of pubic hair is because the area is sensitive enough (especially the vagina)
5. collection of expenditure pheromones (chemicals that regulate the behaviour of sex)

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 should you shave your pubes guys
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The Purpose of Pubic Hairs

Although the layout of pubic hair can be said to be hidden (private area) does not mean the hair in the pubic area off of attention as we take care of hair in other areas such as the head of hair or armpit hairs. cleanliness and tidiness pubic hair should be maintained as best as possible see function of pubic hair. Of course in a way that routine and not indiscriminate.

There are some things that must be considered in the care of fur or hair on the pubic;

1.  Iritation from Small Cuts

It is not advisable to revoke or shaving in a way that is not appropriate on a pubic hair shaving or plucking because with pubic hair can cause iritation.

These small cuts will be the entrance to a germ or fungus (especially in women are easy to experience moist vagina) who later could cause infection in the skin of Your intimate areas.

2.  To Dense Pubic Fur

Pubic Fur that is too dense (never made) can also be a place of growing lice, bacteria or germs, and mold that ultimately give rise to a variety of diseases. Tidying up here means simply shortened course.

For example, shortened by about half a centimetre by using scissors, or if you want to shave can use foam SOAP beforehand, as well as using special Shaver gently before it's been washed with SOAP and doused with hot water.

After use, the obligatory Shaver is washed again and stored in a clean and dry place. Don't be stored in humid places, as it can be overgrown by fungi and bacteria. In addition, do not employ the use of razors in turn.

3. Health of Fur

Health of fur or hair in genital (fur pubis) is also very depending on the health condition of the skin. If complaints arise out of pain, itching, burning, redness, scales, swollen bumps/blackheads, or surrounding skin change means skin health conditions are not good.

This would be on condition of feather pubis. It's best if such things occurred immediately consult a skin specialist physician for further handling.

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From the explanation above we can deduce that, feathers growing around our bodies, it turns out not to have function and benefits, because God has set for what the function of each feather or hair on our bodies. Similarly with the hair the other, surely not have no function and benefits.

Hair can serve as the Crown or for the beauty of the body, in addition it also has functions for health too. Then, what about the hair that grows on the body parts that are hidden or private? Is it also has special functions?

If you notice your body, then in every place ' Gristle ' and need to be protected will be overgrown hair/fur. For example, the head, which needs to be maintained so that no bump, break, and is very prone at the forelock. So while still an infant, thickest hair in that section. benefits of shaving pubic hair woman

Later on around the eyes also overgrown hair, at the top there eyelashes so that dust, liquids, or foreign matter is not easily stopped into eyes.