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Lifehack with Baby oil, wanna try?

Benefits of Baby Oil for Human Life
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Baby oil or baby specialty oils are now not only the same Young mothers only. We were also a lot of young people who took him. There is a remover for face, or to simply moisturize the skin only.

Benefits of Baby Oil for Human Life

In addition to functioning as a fluid that keeps baby's skin moisture and at the same time to massage, there are 13 benefits that will make you gawk and want to immediately take advantage of these things around you.

1. Make-up remover that is friendly to the skin of adults is baby oil. Can cleanses and moisturizes your skin!

For women, make-up remover existence would never be replaced and there is always a box of your equipment. Eliminating the remnants of makeup stuck in your face all day is a must to get a healthy skin. Necessary capital also somewhat more expensive to get a bottle of this herb.

Girls, now you can change the make-up removal-mu with baby oil, you know. No other is to eliminate the remnants of makeup all over your face. Not only that you can clean, damp face and smooth can you feel. Moreover, the money you spend to buy baby oil became more affordable and more save your expense, you know!

2. Baby oil can replace the shaving cream. This oil will moisturize and relieve irritation in the shaving area.

Most people probably can not live without shaving. Activity remove the hair and the hair that grows around the hair has become a regular activity for some people. Armpit hair, mustache, beard, even the long legs that had excess can be lost in a short time with a razor and shaving cream.

If shaving cream again depleted, how? Can not shave dong?

Relax, you do not need to worry. Without shaving cream, your shave can continue anyway. Disposable baby oil! You just have to rub baby oil such as when using shaving cream. Then just cleaned with a razor. Would you feel when you're done shaving is much more subtle and reduce the risk of irritation. Well, you can try shaving!

3. Treat your heels by rubbing baby oil all over the feet, then cover with socks.

Overuse of high-heeled shoes make your feet feel tired indeed. Or too often walk with footwear that open make your heels into the dry. It often makes you nervous, especially women who make an appearance as his main concern.

You can rejuvenate your feet before going to bed at night with a mixture of baby oil contained in this. The trick is as easy as you rub baby oil in the heel area and your fingers. Then wear socks. The next morning, more sensation will be felt fresh and moist feet. No need to worry about the smell, because the baby oil itself has a fragrant aroma, guys.

Benefits of Baby Oil to Shoo Naughty Mosquitoes
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4. Benefits of Baby Oil to Shoo Naughty Mosquitoes!

Rub baby oil on the open area makes mosquitoes unwilling to bite you.
Mosquitoes are not indiscriminate when looking for stocks that will be sucked blood. Anyone definitely been a victim of this insect bites. Moreover, it would leave scars red spots.

You can say goodbye to rogue mosquitoes around you. Preventing mosquito bites that simple rubbing parts of your body that are exposed to this baby oil. Mosquitoes will be averse to bite your skin that has been smeared with this oil. Free mosquito, the skin feels so smooth! In addition to mosquitoes, other insects will also be reluctant to bite you, guys!

5. Baby oil can you use as a new breakthrough to remove stains paint on the hands and feet.

For you who like have some creation with items where needed paint on it, would've really made bete same usual stains of paint. Sometimes, your hands and feet will be filled with paint colors like a rainbow. Sometimes, many who use gasoline or paint thinner to remove stains.

Eiiits, mending you stop using a liquid that contains many chemicals that are not enabled for this skin. Mending your baby oil just as his successor. More friendly to the skin, muted scent will make you feel at home rubbing paint that meets your body.

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6. Pain when removing the plaster will be reduced with a few drops of baby oil

Plaster has many functions indeed. To accelerate wound healing, wound covering of dust, or even to show off. Hehehehe. But, there will be a dilemma that appears when going to remove the tape from the surface of our skin. Because it would hurt and sore when you have to hold the feathers plucked by force.

Now, you do not have to feel this pain, guys, because kehadihan baby oil will help. Before removing the plaster, give a little baby oil all over the area plastered plaster. You can use a cotton bud to flatten in the area or by anointing him directly. Wait a moment, and then remove the plaster. The pain you feel during this time not going to be a bogey again for you!

7. Chewing gum stuck in your hair, even on the carpet, it can be treated by rubbing baby oil.

As a child, may you ever be the victim of prank friends. One way is to put a sticky gum in your hair. Bete and fear is a feeling that is bothering you. Bete because why should your hair be targeted, and fear that chewing gum can not be lost. You must also be forced to cut hair.

Relax, you do not need to rush to the salon for a haircut. Baby oil can you trust! Pour in the palm of the hand, then gently press in the gum was lodged. Chewing gum was slowly can you tame. When chewing gum stuck to the carpet, baby oil can also give you a way out, guys! Wah, helpful really yes!

8. Not only for the body, a little rubbing baby oil so wooden furniture and iron furniture re-glazed.

Cleaning the furniture did have a routine you do to keep the room clean and eye-catching. Use water and cleaning fluid may be items that you often make the mainstays. However, items that can not give a shiny effect.

So, what do you need to make furniture, mainly made of wood, can be glazed? Baby oil is the answer for all questions. You only need to add a few drops of baby oil on your lap. Cling, sparkling in no time!

For stainless steel furniture, you can also create glazed with baby oil! For example, the sink. Create a clean and shiny with a mix of dishwashing liquid with baby oil. Guaranteed satisfied with the effect of gloss given.

Take off The ring with baby oil
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9. Remove the sticker along with the remains will not make you cranky. All can be solved with baby oil!

Human feeling is not predictable. Today desire to want to put stickers, tomorrow also can suddenly change for take off the sticker. And for took stickers that go easy. You will be made uncomfortable by the glue that has been inherent in the goods.

Remove feel uncomfortable it away when removing the stickers, as with baby oil will provide easy! By rubbing the oil around the sticker, in a heartbeat will be detached completely without sensation stuck as usual.

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10. jammed zipper

As long as there is supply of baby oil, this annoying occurrence can be overcome.
Zipper jammed moments are things that do not want a lot of people. But, many people who feel the zipper jammed at the time not right. Especially if it turns out that jam is the zipper on the pants, which will surely make panic.

Quiet guys, when the zipper stuck, you do not need to worry and panic as long as there is supply of baby oil in your room. You just need to shed a little oil in the area of this magical jammed. Then, you use the zipper as usual slowly. Taraaa! This problem can be resolved.

11. No need excited when the removable hard ring.

Squirt a little baby oil and a little encouragement, your ruing will come off easily.

Wearing the ring would indeed adorn the fingers. But not forever ring will make you comfortable. There will be time for you want remove the ring. But, if it turns out your ring can not be separated after trying to pull it mightily fingers how? You just need to massage the finger and the ring after smeared baby oil. Slowly, your ring will be off by itself!

12. The hinge your door which reads kriek kriek, will be made dumb with little droplets of oil this miracle baby.

Almost every door has hinges, which did have absolute functionality for ease when open. You guys do not ever really feel uncomfortable with the noise "kriek kriek" that makes an earache? Do not be nervous, because it can you finish with just a few drops of baby oil. How, you live baby oil dripping on the sidelines of the hinges. The sound is annoying it will not appear again, guys!

13. The results of the pencil trick beautify your color will be enhanced with baby oil.

A unique gradation will make you satisfied.


To you who are fondness hobby coloring in coloring book, there is an innovation ya that will make the results more unique and lively look. If you use colored pencils as a tool colouring, the results of which you create will look more cool.

Gradation will be alive when you add a touch of baby oil in your paper. By dripping a little over a cotton bud, you could be putting on it. Besides more memorable, your stress instantly disappear see satisfactory results.

After reading some of the other uses of baby oil that had not you know where